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Adobe CS4, CS5, CS6, CC : Use action and batch command / process ( batch processing ) in photoshop for multiple images to resize : Adobe creative suite : Creative cloud

Some times its easier to use batch file with action to reduce the image size or create auto levels or use auto filters for multiple images. To create the action and batch file you need to do the following tasks.

1. Open Adobe photoshop
2. Then open an image.
3. Go to window menu and select action. A window will pop up
4. In that action pallet you can find ‘new set’ button, click on that and create a new set named “zea set”.
5. Then in the action pallet you will also find a button named ‘new action’ button click on that create an action named “zea action” and press record. your recording will start now.
6. now whatever you do, it will be recorded, for instance if you make auto levels, it will remember that you made auto levels command.
7. Do what ever you want to do and save the file and close it.
8. Now press on ‘stop playing/recording’ button in the action pallet.
9. Click on file menu you will find a sub menu named automate click on that there you can find another sub menu batch… (file -> automate -> batch…) click on that and there will be a window named ‘Batch’.
10. Now select ‘zea set’ and ‘zea action’ from the set and action field on ‘Batch’ window.
11. chose the path containing the images that you want to do the same thing(that you have done for the earlier image) for all the images. you can also chose a destination path. then click ok.