Some Google services/products are unavailable for IPs block: Youtube, google drive or other services/products are sometimes unavailable from different Ip

Youtube, google drive or other services/products are sometimes unavailable from different Ips of isps. Reason is explained bellow is taken from arez afsar from his facebook status.

Youtube is one of the Google Inc. utilities or services. The Youtube website’s IP addresses assigned are the IPs of Google services. To block Youtube, BTRC might have obstructed a percentage of the common IPs of Youtube that are discovered officially or formally, worldwide. A tremendous and huge site like Youtube can have some countless IP addresses to run and send its data to a few million users during that timeframe. It might have mirror sites excessively assigned for every region. When we type the DNS server of your ISP converts the name into an IP address appropriate for the region, country, etc.

Here, BTRC has blocked these range of IPs which are used to fetch the site data from the hosting server – the only IPs that are permanently been used by Youtube. The thing is, as Youtube is currently an services of Google, accordingly, the IPs assigned to youtube are also utilized for other Google services like Gmail, Google Drive and so on. Assuming that you can review, when Youtube was blocked without precedent in our nation, individuals confronted situation loading their Gmail too in light of the fact that BTRC had it blocked inadvertently as the aforementioned IPs might have been utilized for Youtube officially as its a Google service. Notwithstanding, that thing is altered. A few of us off and on again ready to see or open Youtube just when the IP is in the recorded IPs of Google services. This is same for google ads and any other services that you use. In many of my sites who have google adsense, ads, analytics or some other services from google dosent load in my home IP time to time but runs well in my office.

Still some folks see lapse posts and cant watch the videos legitimately. This is for the reason that, blocking a site is not just blocking the IP addresses. There are other filtering methods as well. A straightforward sample could be, filtering with diverse decisive words i.e. a common sensation at NSU, we cannot even find the saying “music” in while gaining entrance to with laptop WIFI as the network administrator of NSU has put the “music” word in the routers’ block channels.

So now and then regardless of the possibility that the site burdens you can and at times you cannot view videos on Youtube. There are numerous different demonstrations also.

Cheerful Browsing…. 😀

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