Install / setup Symfony 2 windows xp windows 7 windows 8

Symfony 2 install / setup for window xp, windows 7 or windows 8 is lot easier than installing the symfony 1.* especially 1.4 version. Follow the steps how to install or setup it.

Step 1. Go to and download symfony 2.* version and unpack it. I used 7zip to unpack it. In my case I had to extract twice the file and got a folder named Symfony. Which I copied to my htdocs folder. in my case it is d:/xampp/htdocs

Step 2. Install Composer. I did it by the command

php -r "eval('?>'.file_get_contents(''));"
for this you need to go to your command prompt and if the php environmental variable is not set then you have go to the php directory and run the above command. In my case it is d:/xampp/php. You might get error for 'https' if it arises just type the following command in commandprompt
<code>php -r "eval('?&gt;'.file_get_contents(''));"

Step 3. Its almost done the installing part. just for checking run php


for my case it is

D:\xampp\php&gt;php d:/xampp/htdocs/Symfony/app/check.php

. There might be some warnings but you can correct them later.

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