Starting with symfony framework in windows platform especialy with httpd

It is always exciting to learn new things. I have started to learn the  symfony framework. It was bit tough for me to setup the framework. But after a lot of pain I have successfully loaded it into my web server root. I want to share some of my problems and way to solve those problems.

You will find lots of books in the website for learning the framework. Though someone told me that it would be hard for me to learn this framework. Don’t really know about the learning curve of this framework.

learning book site :

I am following the book:

Now few things,

1. You must set your php directory in your windows environment variable.

2. If your web root directory doesn’t support do it in your php.exe folder like: d:/xampp/php

3. While setting it up from command prompt remember you directory, the book might have some other directory

4. Its better to run the command from php.exe file containing folder

5. For getting help or know better from symfony installed components

d:\xampp\php> php lib\vendor\symfony\data\bin\symfony

6. I have changed my httpd.cof like this
# Be sure to only have this line once in your configuration

NameVirtualHost <a href="" target="_blank"></a></div>
<div>&lt;VirtualHost <a href="" target="_blank"></a>&gt;</div>
<div>DocumentRoot "D:\xampp\php\sfprojects\jobeet\web"
<div>DirectoryIndex index.php
&lt;Directory "D:/xampp/php/sfprojects/jobeet/web"&gt;</div>
<div>AllowOverride All
Allow from All
<div>Alias /sf "D:\xampp\php\sfprojects\jobeet\lib\vendor\symfony\data\web\sf"</div>
<div>&lt;Directory "D:/xampp/php/sfprojects/jobeet/lib/vendor/symfony/data/web/sf"&gt;
<div>AllowOverride All
Allow from All
7. Dont forget to restart your Mysql after changing httpd