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Trace Route & Trace Route Locator

For trace route you just need to do the following steps

1. go to start menu and click on run

2. type cmd and press enter

3. type tracert ‘site name’ and press enter, for example –> tracert zeasite.com

You will find the hops and ip addresses of your site routes. Now if you want to locate them there is a very useful site whose link is http://www.geobytes.com/TraceRouteLocator.htm. Just copy your trace route from your command prompt window and paste to the above page, it will show the location. Now you might have the problem to copy the text from the command prompt window. Follow the procedure to copy from the command prompt window.

1. Right click on the menu bar of command prompt window (blue bar)

2. There you will find a option named edit, where you will find a sub menu option named mark, click on that.

3. Now drag the portion you want to copy with mouse and then again right click on the command prompt menu bar and go to edit option and select copy (you can drag for one time only, so if you miss it you need to do the copy process again). Now you can paste it anywhere you want to.